Summary in English

    Created in 1981, it represents in the capital of Cantabria the traditional essence of Ronda. At the present time the group is formed by some thirty man voices, heterogenous human group of the labor world (metallurgy, construction, administration, education…), whose components dedicate part of their free time to the maintenance of the song tradition, by the study, preparation and diffusion of songs selected carefully between the learned ones of alive voice of the musical knowledge of the town or the publication extracted ones widely recognized of the extensive "popular song book" of Cantabria, or of the prepared by prestigious composers interested in the folklore of our comunity.

    Few are the corners of our regional geography at which songs has not arrived with its particular style, of “Liébana” to “Castro Urdiales”, from “Reinosa” to “Santander”, of “Cabuérniga” to “Vega de Pas”.
Also it has taken to the witness of our song by Spain and the foreigner, thus confirming his work and its way different to interpret the song of Cantabria.
This choral counts on the implantation of the MARZAS and its petitionary songs of the last day of February, in the city of “Santander”, tradition recovered and maintained year after year, from his creation. And in the same line of encounter with the tradition, the round at night of San Juan, the 23th of June, celebrating the solstice of summer, being restored definitively in 1987, in which it was for the first time carried out by the streets of the city.

COLLABORATION WITH THE CITY COUNCIL OF SANTANDER: It has represented in special the council of Santander, among other many occasions, in the visit to the “Axarquía” (Malaga), the summer of 1988; in the “Foire Expo de Saint-Brieuc” (Britain, France) in two times, 1988 and 1990; in the day of the “Concejo de Palencia”, the summer of 1991; in the “Expo de Sevilla”, 1992; in the visit to “Talavera de la Reina” and “Toledo” by the Choir in 1996.

RELATION WITH INSTITUTIONS: The “Coro Ronda Altamira” has collaborated with Institutions like the Regional Government, the University of Cantabria, the International University of Menéndez Pelayo, “Caja Cantabria”, “Banco Santander”, Intermón, A.D.I.C., among others.

The houses of Cantabria in Seville (1992 and 2001), Cadiz (1993), Burgos(1996), Oviedo (1997 - 98), Logroño (1999), Pamplona (Navarra) (1998 and 2002), in different occasions in Guadalajara, and specially in Madrid, they have recognized the activity of the group in the numerous collaborations.